Kelley Riordan

Her plans are to head for Iowa State University after high school. Kelley likes sports and has played basketball for eight years. 2010-2011 were Kelley’s first two sememsters in newspaper.

Tone, tan, fit and ready

Senior Britta Delafield started tanning her freshman year and now tans three to four times a week. “I don’t like being pasty in winter,” Delafield said. Delafield doesn’t just go to tan, it is a form of relaxation for her as well. To her, looks are not that important. Delafield is also aware of the […]

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A sports sacrifice

Some sacrifices are greater than others. For students in high school involved in athletics, one sacrifice is food. Eating healthy is a part of athletics so athletes have to try to stay away from some of their favorite foods that contain large amounts of sugar and fat. Senior Zach Doyle plays varsity basketball and knows […]

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Showing up the rest

The connection between man and dog is thought to be one of most special connections as far as animals and humans go, though there are some who feel that same passion and connection for a different kind of animal. Senior Paige Gibler and junior Emily Chappell have a connection to horses, the bond that many […]

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From boys ll men

A mechanic can be given all of the tools he needs to fix a car, but without the knowledge of how to use them, they are useless. Bill Proctor has a similar belief when it comes to his members in Brother to Brother (B2B). B2B is a male mentoring program, mainly for minorities, that teaches […]

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The Next Step

New school, new people, new atmosphere: high school. The stage in life that seems most important. High school. A time where you find out who your real friends are and even where you discover who you are. Walking in freshman year, I kind of knew what to expect. I went to Meredith so I was […]

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Cracking Down

It’s getting close to the end of the year and it’s not the time to start slacking. This is the time of year were students have to keep everything up so that they can finish off the year strong. Tests also are a big factor now. ACT’s, AP tests, and finals are just around the […]

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Behind the Scenes: Student Council

Homecoming, assemblies, and any other school events make going to school more enjoyable. There is still homework and tests’ but these events give students something to look forward to and enjoy during their high school experience. These events don’t magically happen though. Someone has to plan, organize and execute them successfully. Students take advantage of […]

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