Brittany Wells


Football, basketball step aside

A highs school’s measurement of athletic success is undoubtedly judged by how many times their basketball, soccer, or football teams have made it to state but with the growing popularity of rugby around the state, it may start weighing in. Spring of 2011 was Hoover’s first official season of rugby. A roster of 10 and […]

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When commercials of hearty burgers and juicy racks of ribs dance their way through the television screen, meat-eaters can’t help but to be turned on.       As for vegetarian sophomore Samantha Robinson, she would rather see a hot, juicy veggie burger.      A vegetarian is someone who does not consume meat products with the possible […]

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Homeless student has hope

  As they were denied from shelter to shelter in hopes of finding a temporary bed for Sean Carnahan, the family that had generously taken him, had no choice but to tear up. The anonymous family that Carnahan was staying with had to move into a smaller house and it wasn’t an option to take him […]

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That’ll leave a mark…forever

Senior Jessica Adair knows that getting tattoos are painful. She knows from experience. So when she decided it was time get a second tattoo, she tried to lessen the pain. “We tried to numb our feet with ice so it wouldn’t hurt as bad,” Adair said. For the record, this strategy did not prove true. […]

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